Hey guys it’s been almost a year since getting my vehicle wrapped by Designer Wraps and I have to tell you it’s the best decision I could have made!

I chose Designer Wraps after being dissatisfied with a previous vendor.  Designer Wraps listened to my objectives and worked with me to achieve them on my time frame.  It was quick and painless!

After wrapping our box truck, we got immediate attention from existing and potential customers.  I receive comments all the time on how beautiful and professional our truck looks.

I know we are benefitting from the amount of views we get each day on the road. We’ve even had some customers who were in the market for a fence, call us as a direct result of seeing our truck on the road.

I would have to say the biggest benefit so far is the reaction we get from customers as we pull up to their property to install a job.  When they see our vehicle, coupled with our uniformed crew come out onto their property, they know they’ve made the right choice.  I’ve never heard the word “professionalism” as much as I’ve heard in this past year from customers.  Customers are impressed, our feedback has been great and our brand is being established and set apart from our competitors.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience and a top quality job with our wrap!

– Ed Torres,  America’s Patriot Fence LLC


Hello All,

I just wanted to let you know that the wrap on my Mustang not only looks great but has really been holding up well to the serious abuse we have put it through.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received on the wrap!  Most people think that the car is painted and don’t believe that it’s vinyl.  Thanks again to Designer Wraps for an awesome job well done!!!

-Nick Edelman


I love cars…always have. And some people call me a perfectionist. When it comes to personalizing my BMW 135is Msport Coupe, I try to create something unique without compromising BMW’s quality standards.  My car must BE RIGHT.

Recently BMW began making roofs for their ‘M’ cars out of carbon fiber (CF) to reduce weight.  Real CF looks cool…but is VERY expensive. I heard about vinyl wraps from watching NASCAR each week, where a driver’s car looks different at each race. Using Google, I learned that 3M and Avery make a very affordable, amazingly realistic CF vinyl wrap. However, their websites were not of much help in locating a creditable installer.  A bit more searching led me to DesignerWraps of Millville, NJ.

I didn’t want just ANYONE to apply my CF wrap, so I thought I would investigate DesignerWraps up close with a visit.  When I got there, it became immediately clear that these people are pros. Looking around, I saw that DW’s clients own everything from high-end exoticars to race cars to delivery vans. Sean and his team spent time with me to understand what I wanted to achieve.  Thanks to their equipment and their skills, I was confident that they could produce the look I wanted.

When the car was finished, the results were breathtaking!  I could not have been happier.  Thanks to DesignerWraps, I was able to achieve a unique look for my 135is at a fraction of what the cost would have been to remove and replace my steel top with one made of solid CF.  I would recommend DesignerWraps to anyone seeking top-quality vinyl wrap work.

Bill Egge
Mullica Hill, NJ


Dear Sean and Designer Wraps Team:

We are writing you this letter to express our gratitude and appreciation for your recent services you were able to provide for our son’s cranial helmet. We are very pleased with the outcome of the helmet and cannot thank you all enough. Everyone on the staff that we had interaction with was the utmost professional, friendly, and courteous. A big Thank You to everyone that helped with this: from the design team, to the front desk taking our calls and questions, to Megan who saved us a good hour drive as she was kind enough to bring the helmet to the Philadelphia area where we both lived, and lastly to Sean who was kind enough to assist us with asking nothing in return.

Please look forward to a token of appreciation from us in the near future and Thank You so much again for your assistance and generosity! Enclosed is a photo of our son sporting his lovely Designer Wraps Cranial Helmet.


The McCulley Family


I met Sean at a BNI meeting when I first opened Cartridge World. As I was leaving the meeting I noticed his truck that had been wrapped, also another business had a wrapped van. I was impressed by both vehicles and thought “that is just what I need”. As my business would have a billboard I could drive all over town. I chose Designer Wraps because of the high quality of the work I had seen. I use the car to do deliveries every day and park it in front of my business, customers tell me all the time how they saw the car and now know where we are located. In my opinion it’s some of the best advertising you can do.

Tom, Cartridge World Vineland


Cumberland County Technical Education Center is very pleased with the service and expertise of the job completed by Designer Wraps. As a shared time vocational school is critical that we are able to be recognized in the community. We utilize 2 cars as we travel to our other schools and workshops. Designer Wraps visited our school and gave suggestion as to the best way to display our school on the cars.

They provided us with proofs and revised them as we needed. This process was not difficult sue to their great customer service. Anytime I call the shop someone always answered the phone and the response was immediate.

The team at Designer Wraps also came to the school and gave us suggestions as to how we could “spice up” our school and showcase our exceptional programs. They designed custom window coverings and allowed us to be part of the process of picture selection and locations. The windows are of exceptional quality and the installation team was courteous and thorough.

We have received many positive comments on the facade of our school now that we have an updated look!

Thank you Designer Wraps!


Designer Wraps,

Thanks for the amazing job your team did transforming our paratransit bus.  After contemplating several possible solutions for making this vehicle easily identifiable, it was a no brainer to wrap the vehicle. Wrapping the bus that had existing vinyl lettering was the most economical option that made the vehicle (which is 6 years old and has 100,000 miles) look like brand new!  Residents that utilize our transit service can easily identify the vehicle because of the use of color and design.

As a Cumberland County resident and employee, I felt it was our top priority to use a local vendor to fulfill our needs.  I was fortunate enough to attend a Workforce Investment Board/Economic Development meeting which Sean presented at; that was over a year ago.  I researched Designer Wraps on the internet and after seeing the amazing work they did, referred them to friends and colleagues looking for a similar solution.  When I had a chance to utilize that type of service I knew exactly who I wanted to do it.  Designer Wraps exceeded our expectations.  From the first conversation Sean and I had about the project to completion was so much faster than I could have ever imagined.  Sean and his team took what seemed like an impossible deadline and made it happen.

Our partners in this transit initiative for the Greater Bridgeton Area where the bus is used (Gateway Community Action Partnership and the Pascale Sykes Foundation) as well as other committee members found the work amazing.  The faces on everyone as the bus rolled in to the press conference was priceless!  Everyone commented on how great it looked.  You guys took an old vehicle and made it look new again!

Thank you for helping us on this project and I hope we can do business again soon!

Ryan Feaster, Transportation Coordinator
Cumberland County Office of Employment & Training Cumberland County One Stop Career Center


I chose Designer Wraps for a couple reasons, 1st I had seen some of their work and I liked what I saw and thought for my small job of 2 magnetic graphics for my tailgate they would have NO problem handling that. They designed and made them for me quickly and were very reasonable. I later needed 2 decals made up for my truck to avoid a $10,000. fine and they did those while I waited. They were very helpful, fast, friendly, and reasonable, even with it being a very small job comparatively speaking to what I have seen come out of there. I also like that it’s a local business and I do like supporting local businesses.

Thanks again for all, and I will go back to Designer Wraps for any and all graphics that I need.

John Haas
Millville, N.J.


I was referred to designer wraps by a friend in the graphic design business. His recommendation was based on positive experience in the past. We have received many positive comments regarding our wrap. Our corporate headquarters was so impressed with the wrap job that they requested info on where we had it c done. Because we are on the road so much, people think we have more than on truck .

Don Moiso
The Pretzel Factory, Somerspoint, NJ


Designer Wraps first fulfilled the basics. They were on time and on budget. They did more however and added a little flair here and an accent there that truly set the truck off.

Our truck travels to Manhattan weekly and we have certainly not suffered from  lack of recognition.

One of our stops is a hot spot for commercial and private filming. To our surprise we have been asked to allow the truck to be used as background.

The truck looks great and is an attention grabber.

Jack O’Donnell
Thunder Road Produce


I was referred to Designer Wraps through a friend.  He drew up a design for me that just caught my eye.  He then told me for the design to come to life I would have to get the final project done at Designer Wraps.  I figured if the design was so good the workmanship had to be the same or better.

Designer Wraps worked with my schedule and the work was done in a timely fashion.  The price was very reasonable as well.  I literally just stared at the work that was done every time before I step into my tow truck.  Clients always ask me who did the work for me and they are amazed at how the design comes to life (like a 3D effect).
Thank you!  You surely have my business.

Gami Cruz
Owner of Rock Towing


On behalf of United States Shooting, I’d like to thank you for a job well done!

Your team of professionals provided a beautiful layout for our company vehicle wrap, and a complex installation turned out fantastic.

Many thanks to Krystal for providing superior customer service, to Travis for working with us to create a stunning, eye-catching design and to Sean for bringing it all together.

Without exaggeration, we can actually see hits to our website climb as we drive the wrapped vehicle. This has been confirmed many times by looking at the website statistics, and from where the hits to our website originate.

Without a professional looking wrap as an advertising vehicle, producing statistics like that would have demanded a huge outlay of money for local advertising in newspapers, mailers etc.

Our advertising expenditure is extremely low, since the vehicle wrap does the work for us now.

United States Shooting looks forward to a continuing business relationship with Designer Wraps!

Thanks very much,

Brian Wilson, Owner
United States Shooting


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