Ferrari FF with an Artistic Touch

This month we finished a beautiful Ferrari FF with a custom creative artistic touch. This car features a fully wrapped body in gloss black to protect the original paint, with satin black shapes to accent the car. Along with silver pin-striping to further the accentuate the car’s shaping. The graphic shapes were made by a using a combination of plotted films along with Knifeless Tape to be sure a knife did not touch the rather large investment and cut its paint.


  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_IMG_1333
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_IMG_1329
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_IMG_1309
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_DSC_1249
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_DSC_1209
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_DSC_1193
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_DSC_1185
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_DSC_1184
  • DesignerWraps-FerrariFF_DSC_1177